Sunday, March 29, 2009

He was listening to the wrong station then.

In a Los Angeles Times op-ed, Andrew Klavan claimed he's "never heard" Rush Limbaugh "utter a single racist, hateful or stupid word," and offered a "[c]hallenge" to "liberals" to "[l]isten to the show ... and keep an open mind." However, Media Matters listens to Limbaugh everyday and has documented numerous examples of him spewing offensive commentary and basic misstatements of fact.
Media Matters then shows a list (obviously not comprehensive). Rush Limbaugh is a stupid, racist, hateful moron who rules the Republican party and has them trembling in abject fear whenever they try to stand up to him. Rush Limbaugh is setting the Republican agenda by using racist, hateful, and massively stupid statements. And all the Republicans can do is still try to change the packaging but not the substance of their message: racism, hate and stupidity.

Just how dumb does Klavan think we are?

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