Friday, January 02, 2009

Bush's last year in office

Think Progress has the numbers:
– Number Of U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq: 322.
– Number Of U.S. Troops Killed in Afghanistan: 151.
– Number Of Jobs Lost: 1.9 million.
– Number Of Banks Federal Government Now Owns Stock In: 206.
– Number Of Uninsured Americans: 47.5 million.

– Change In Housing Prices: declined 18 percent.
– Change In Health Insurance Premiums: increased 5 percent.
– Change In Number Of Delinquent Mortgages: increased 75 percent.
– Change In Use Of Food Stamps: increased 17 percent.
– Change In Dow Jones Industrial Average: declined 35 percent.
– Change In Bush Approval Rating: declined 9 percent to 29 percent.
Heckovajob, Georgie!!



mapaghimagsik said...

fantastic roundup.

Anonymous said...

Who are these 29%???

How quickly will that number melt after January 20?

ellroon said...

Map, I know that numbers can lie, that stats can be manipulated, that things are not so clean cut... but still. These numbers are truly impressive. Shows a lot of hard work!

I don't know about 29%, Mahakal. I've seen way lower so I think it depends on how the question is worded and in what relationship to other questions, etc.

Soon we'll find that absolutely no one voted for Bush in either term....

DB said...

This is profoundly disturbing. Seriously, is this country better off than it was 8 years ago? Anyone who says yes is diluted. We are better than this.

ellroon said...

We probably will never recover from the Bush Rampage. Asia, India, and the European Union will become the next super powers. So much for the neocon wet dream of owning the world.