Friday, January 30, 2009

Sex? This is the default position of the GOP?

Is this all they have once they've been shamed into silence about their racism? Republican men rule because they have dicks? Or because they are dicks? Really? They're hoping to reignite fear of flower children and free love?:

ARMEY: I’m so damn glad that you can never be my wife because I surely wouldn’t have to listen to that prattle from you every day.

WALSH: Boy, that makes two of us sir. That was really an outstanding comment.

ARMEY: That’s what I’m talking about — she’s making a political malarkey here.

And reactions to the statement:
GALLAGHER: Now, now, feminists are very angry that he said, “I’m glad you couldn’t be my wife.” I mean…

WALLACE: It’s pretty funny actually.

GALLAGHER: It’s hysterical. Do you know how many times a week I say, “thank God I don’t have to wake up next to her.” I mean some of these callers, these shrews that call.
This idiocy seems to have been on the talking points list for Republicans:
Conservative pundit and marital rape apologist Dennis Prager has some advice for you ladies with faltering marriages: don't think that just because you don't want to have sex your husband shouldn't try to fuck you.

Like Tucker Carlson before him, Prager thinks the key to a successful marriage is just doing it even when you don't want to. In Prager's case, he means "whenever your husband wants," regardless of your "mood," which shouldn't matter. Of course, you could be in that mood because your husband is a liar and a cheat, or because he's just driven your family into debt or hit you (not too hard, of course, but things happen), but as long as he wants to fuck, well, you should suck it up and submit.

According to Prager, women just don't understand that men view your willingness to "submit" to his penetration of your body as the way that you show love.
Women should feel validated when a man wants to have sex with them and ugly women therefore are useless? Bush 41's joke (youtubed at the site) and a reaction:

First, 41 thinks it's HILARIOUS to bash the ugly angry feminist by saying that he would not fuck her, i.e. "no problem" with him staying out of her womb. Yes, 41, you're right. We ugly angry feminists just want to fuck all you Republican asshats who want to strip us of our reproductive rights. And even better, we want to spawn with you so that you can spread your misogyny through your offspring. So be sure to continue your fight to limit access to contraceptives and abortions.

And 41, do TELL, why was it necessary to call her "one of the ugliest" women you had ever seen? Are women to be SEEN and NOT heard in your world? God forbid our appearances not cause a stirring in your loins.

All other forms of sexuality are bad?
The Associated Press reports that two 16 year-old girls were expelled from a California Lutheran high school “because they were suspected of being lesbians.” Suspected? Ugh.
And some advice to DABAs (Dating a Banker Anonymously), those who are practicing gold-digging:
Commiserating about the new lack of bottle service in your life is not going to make you feel any better. It's going to perpetuate your psychology of deprivation (an ironic state for a group of women who can still afford to sip cocktails). What will actually make you feel better, I promise, is to get sober about who is most deeply affected by economic downturn in this country and start seeking justice more sustainable than getting rich dudes to take you out to dinner at fancy restaurants. Here are a few stats to start you off:

Women make up 30% of borrowers for mortgages, but are 32% more likely than men to receive sub-prime mortgages, despite slightly higher credit scores (682 versus 675).
-The National Council for Research on Women

The gender wage gap is now 22.2 percent.
-Institute for Women's Policy Research

Annual earnings for young men who are employed full-time year round are about 10% higher
than for young women who are employed full-time year round -- $30,786 compared to $28,008.
Annual earnings for all other young men with earnings, which include part-time and/or part-year
earners, are about 32% higher than for all other young women with earnings, $15,033 compared
to $11,393.
-Legal Momentum

In other depressing news: word on the street is that ex-Lucky Beauty writer Dawn Spinner, Laney Crowell, a beauty editor at StyleCaster, and lawyer Megan Petrus (the shallow minds behind DABA) are getting a big juicy book deal. This from an industry that consistently tells brilliant, hardworking women that there's no market for books on feminism, class etc. Ugh.
And finally, a young woman's bizarre selling of her virginity for 3.8 million dollars. Right. Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon ponders the meaning:
Of course, the most logical solution to the problem is to let a woman’s deflowerer to decide if she really had this “virginity” and he really took it. And that was the initial solution for much of history, but it creates massive problems, namely that many grooms will decide their wives weren’t virgins and either have them executed or returned to their families in an unmarriageable state, because their virginity is definitely gone now. Now, if you’re a feminist, you see the major problem with this system, which is that it treats women like property. But the perceived problem was the expense and trouble of it, as well as the family dishonor issues, so lawsuits were inevitable. Since taking women’s word for it was out of the question, people started to come up with physical tests of virginity. I recommend reading the book for all the various ones, a variety that shows that, in truth, there was no test, and that includes the hymen test, which is just our culture’s specific myth.

And that’s not even taking into account that anyone can define “virgin” however they want. Maybe you only think it counts if you have PIV intercourse, but then are “gold star” lesbians virgins, even if they’ve slept with a hundred women? Some teenagers subject to abstinence-only education think fooling around but avoiding PIV isn’t sex, but they’re engaging in sexual behaviors, so isn’t that a form of sex? Where do you draw the line? This problem is obviously a looming one for the Christofascists who’ve become positively obsessed with sexual “purity”. Realizing that virginity is an amorphous concept, they’ve desperately been defining it with an ever-growing list of “Thou shalt nots”, at least if you want to make sure, and so now you’re seeing couples crowing about how they never even kissed or held hands before their wedding.
Let the pearl clutching and hand wringing begin now that the dirty fucking hippie liberals are in charge and will destroy all that is good and holy with their wanton, bodice-ripping, sweaty, writhing, panting .... *ahem*... godless ways.


Steve Bates said...

I am always astonished for a moment at how self-proclaimed religious conservatives are absolutely obsessed with sex, especially with whether and how women engage in sex, until I remind myself that it has nothing to do with sex at all, but rather with yet another way to exercise control over women. Social conservatives: F^ck 'em, and I'm not offering to do the job...

"... wanton, bodice-ripping, sweaty, writhing, panting ...."

Now you've made me sorry that Stella is 50 miles north of here tonight...

ellroon said...

Quick, think like a Republican! No.. that'll just end you up offering to pay someone to blow them or chasing boy pages, or wearing diapers at the DC Madam's club....

Cold showers!

(my captcha is bendsod....)