Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Compare and contrast


To this one:


I thought that they insisted the abstinence classes worked?


Anonymous said...

The map probably should be updated for 2008, Dumbfuckistan has shrunk a bit but probably matches your top image more closely now.

ellroon said...

True, but since I didn't create the graphic, that's all I had.

Learning to play with photoshop is next!

Steve Bates said...

Lookit all them friggin' Christians! :)

Ali said...

It's because the libruls all have abortions. Yeah, I'm kidding.

ellroon said...

Ali, I know you're joking, but there is some truth in it...

It's because in more liberal states, accessible sex information; public school sex education; easy availability of contraceptives such as condoms and birth control pills, the Morning After (or plan B) pill, RU486; affordable and accessible abortions; Planned Parenthood; less domination by religious extremism; lack of reliance on abstinence programs and the idea that just saying no will help control raging hormones..... all these help women control their reproductive processes for the betterment of women's health, their future, their families, and society as a whole.

I consider myself somewhat religious (and becoming more somewhatish all the time), but clearly I'm a heretic to those who think controlling women's bodies is a way to control society.

That way lies the Ameritaliban.... in the country of Dumbfuckistan. (Good one, Mahakal!)