Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sad to no longer be king?

Sad that he forgot to pardon everybody including himself? Sad that nobody is sad to see him go? Sad that Obama's inauguration was so stupendous?


Who cares?


Anonymous said...

Just completely sad.

DB said...

I like your labels, quite fitting. "Worst President Ever" lol. Brilliant.

ellroon said...

Desperately sad, Mahakal. And we're going to find out how much in the years to come.

DB, there aren't enough words to describe how I feel about the Bush era, but the Worst President Ever is a start.

Steve Bates said...

The more I read in Jane Mayer's book (and that's how I spent most of last night, as sleep eluded me), the more I am convinced that the whole lot of them should be in jail for the rest of their sorry lives. Considering what he has done, and to how many human beings, I have absolutely no sympathy for Bush. Give me the key to his cell; I'll lose it, um, I mean, I'll take good care of it.