Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why did I weep at this?

Welcome back, America.


Anonymous said...

"A great high wall there, that tried to stop me
"A great big sign there, said 'Private Property'
"While on the other side, it didn’t say nothing
"That side was made for you and me."

Steve Bates said...

It made me cry, too.

I love the verse Mahakal quotes, and the other one about the line of hungry people at the relief agency. Those take the song from the realm of "charming" into that of serious protest. Woody would approve of the re-inclusion of those verses, I'm sure.

(I'm glad you found the non-HBO video. I found it, posted it and sent it to TPM, which promptly posted it without crediting me. Feh.)

ellroon said...

America: made for you and me BY you and me for all of us. Amen.

Mahakal, is your email on your blog? I got an email from a person very interested in natural herbal healing and knew you knew a great deal. Not quite sure how to prevent someone pretending to be you intervening except by you posting it?

And thanks for that verse, it scared the crap out of the conservatives at the time. Commies under the beds!

ellroon said...

Was wondering about that, Steve. Apparently HBO pulled their 'copy' of the event?

If it was you, thanks. That was so heartwarming I still get moist-eyed thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

Ellroon, if my e-mail isn't posted on my blog you can always use the Contact page to send me a private message.

ellroon said...

Did, thanks!