Thursday, December 06, 2007


The act of using the Taser thoughtlessly, especially on a deaf man stepping out of the bath after you've broken into his house by mistake:

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Donnell Williams had just gotten out of the bath tub, wearing only a towel around his waist, when he turned the corner to see guns pointing right at him.

"I ain't never been so scared," says Williams.

Police forced entry into Williams home while responding to a shooting, but it turned out to be a false call. They had no idea at the time the call wasn't real and that Williams is hearing impaired. Without his hearing aid he is basically deaf.

"I kept going to my ear yelling that I was scared. I can't hear! I can't hear!"

Officers were worried about their own safety because at the time it appeared Williams was refusing to obey their commands to show his hands. That's when they shot him with a Taser.

Just how many more of these are we going to put up with before we take their new toys away?


Sorghum Crow said...

A wet guy in a towel is very scary? I think these police guys have some serious issues. What was he gonna do snap a towel at them? Feckin' eejits.

mapaghimagsik said...

I've read the discussion on John Cole. It turns into a bunch of law enforcement wannabes protecting the police state.

Seems the 'Protect' of 'Serve and Protect' is to protect themselves.

ellroon said...

Wannabes are more dangerous because they're so enamored with the trappings of power. They have a Taser so they need to go and use it!