Monday, February 08, 2010

Why should the Republicans be wary?

Isn't this what they want? A president who listens?
Obama calls health care summit with Republicans
Steve Benen explains:
So what's there to talk about on Feb. 25? If the summit is really about striking a new compromise, this would seemingly be pointless. But if the summit is about delving into these plans, exploring what is and isn't in the proposal, and making it clear for all to see that Republican ideas have been considered -- and in several instances, embraced -- the gathering has the potential to change public attitudes and score a key public-relations victory.

Indeed, I can imagine a scenario in which the president spells all of this out explicitly -- writing out which provisions are included that make Dems happy, which provisions are included (and excluded) that make Republicans happy, and declaring the whole package a triumph of bipartisan compromise. The GOP will still almost certainly balk, but the result will give Democrats cover and put Republican intransigence on full display.

Oh look... GOP cool to Obama call for two-party health talks

Gee... Don't the Republicans WANT to be bipartisan?

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