Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm not cold, so the east coast snow doesn't exist

But then, I live in Southern California....

Snowmageddon and Snowpocalypse explained. Briefly: global warming means warmer oceans, more moisture in the air and therefore more snowfall:
Warmer oceans increase the amount of precipitable water available to both summer and winter storms. Because the vapor pressure of water goes up in a rapid non-linear way with temperature, modest increases in sea surface temperatures can cause major increases in energy available to storms.
More data: January 13th, 2010 was warmest on record: (my bold)
So while it may be fun to watch the global temperature – a meaningless game that many people began to play in recent years because of the AGW fad (and yes, your humble correspondent only plays these games because others do, not because it is scientifically important) – it is very important to realize that the changes of the global mean temperature are irrelevant for every single place on the globe. They only emerge when things are averaged over the globe – but no one is directly affected by such an average.

Even if you accumulate a whole century of changes, the relevance of the global temperature will be essentially non-existent. A 1.5 °C warming of the global mean temperature is still less than one standard deviation of the monthly average at a given place. And the “local” climate may also shift – the January 2100-2150 average may be warmer than the January 1950-2000 average in Prague by much more than those 1.5 °C. Different regional climates change differently and most of these changes have nothing to do with the changes of the global mean temperature!

By the way, it’s almost certain by now that January 2010 will also be the globally warmest January on the UAH record – the anomaly will likely surpass 0.70 °C. It may even see the highest (or at least 2nd highest) monthly UAH anomaly since December 1978.
And apparently, since science is being used, Republicans make fools of themselves.

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Update: Republicans Oppose Using Federal FEMA Funds For Snow Removal.

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