Monday, September 15, 2008

Instead of pets, now they are killing babies.

Greed does not have a learning curve, apparently:
BEIJING -- China’s Ministry of Health on Monday announced that two babies have died in recent months and 1,253 others have been sickened by contaminated milk powder in a rapidly expanding food safety scandal that became public last week.

More than 340 infants remain hospitalized, including 53 in serious condition.

Meanwhile, inspection teams are visiting dairy farms and processing centers in the country’s four main milk-producing provinces to insure that producers are not violating safety standards.

Authorities have confirmed that the tainted milk powder was laced with melamine, a chemical additive sometimes used to make plastics and fertilizer. Last year, a contaminated pet food scare in the United States was traced to Chinese animal feed that had been blended with melamine.
This is not the first time they have poisoned children with milk.

Tell me again why on earth we are buying ANYTHING from China? Lead, date rape drugs, melamine, you name it, it's been jammed into our food and other products we buy from China.

We want it cheap, but it will be toxic. Take your pick from these products:
Keeping track of the other incidences:

poisonous baby clothing,
cub scout patches,
food poisoning of school children,
hydrogen explosions in school,
toxic seafood and pork....

Update: How could I forget about the poisoning pet food with melamine?
And toothpaste?
And cough syrup?

Adding to this list:


Fake Kosher
Formaldehyde in baby clothes
I told you guys their attempts to self-regulate would last only two minutes.


Distributorcap said...

and we send them our money..... al ot of it

and they own us and our debt

but what do WE do -- watch mccain and palin lie lie lie

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ellroon said...

And besides, pesticides, lead and melamine add that subtle zip to our food!