Thursday, December 28, 2006

Feeling queasy?

Thank a Republican. Rep. Doolittle in fact.

"Last year, for instance, California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein secured a $1 million earmark in a Senate funding bill to establish a Western Center for Food Safety and Defense at UC-Davis. It would have been the first FDA-affiliated center of its kind on the West Coast.

"(It) will play an important role in identifying potential threats and finding solutions to ensure the security of our food supply," Feinstein said at the time.

But when congressional negotiators met to craft a final spending bill, according to sources familiar with the sessions, the proposed UC-Davis food safety center lacked the support of Rep. John Doolittle, R-Calif., a conservative member of the House GOP leadership. The money was dropped."

A continuing series on food poisoning and indifferent processing by Republicans.

"FDA believes ''that meat and milk from cattle, swine and goat clones is as safe to eat as the food we eat every day,'' said Stephen F. Sundlof, director of the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine.

Officials said they don't think special labels are needed, although a decision on labeling is pending.

Because scientists concluded there is no difference between food from clones and food from other animals, ''it would be unlikely that FDA would require labeling in those cases,'' Sundlof said.

Final approval is still months away; the agency will accept comments from the public for the next three months."

Hiding withing a maze of bureaucracy, I found this. But I'm not sure if I can type in: ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? and have anyone pay attention....

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