Saturday, December 30, 2006


I don't think so. Looks like the squirrel terrorists are practicing ninja double hidden cobra strike to me!
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Update: Whig sent me a link which will make even the DHS take notice!
"Despite deep-seated mistrust and hostility, the two most powerful groups of tough, inner-city rodents -- squirrels and rats -- have formed an evolutionary alliance to secure their bailiwick of sewers, city parks and other public works, as well as to further encroach upon human territory and food supplies. For the first time in history, squirrels and rats have put aside their differences, deciding to MATE, in order to create a more deadly, hybrid "master" rodent race.

The offspring of the Squirrel / Rat axis, commonly known as "sqrats," have the heavy shag fur of the gray squirrel species, and the huge fangs and slimy long tail of the urban Norway rat. The new creatures have the agility and speed of the squirrel with the brute force of the rat. This gives them the ability to spread pneumonic plagues and other diseases among the human population at an unprecedented rate."

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