Friday, December 08, 2006


Via Steve Bates , The Independent tells us the e.coli outbreak is tied to our shitty farming practices:
"Michael Pollan, a journalism professor who has written extensively about food safety, said all the recent problems stemmed from the intensive, industrial-style agriculture increasingly practised in the United States.

The 0157:H7 strain of E.coli was unknown until cattle were taken from their traditional grazing grounds, pushed into industrial feedlots and fed grain and corn instead.

Faeces from those animals, in turn, can sometimes enter the water supply on big farms and find its way into irrigation canals in vegetable fields.

Professor Pollan recently likened many US farms to giant "petri dishes" in which all sorts of bacterial cultures could grow and thrive. Fast-food chains have taken steps to safeguard their ground beef - which can easily get mixed with faeces - but vegetables represent a new front in the fight for public health."


P. Drāno said...

"- which can easily get mixed with faeces -" ?? Er, not in my house.
Interesting post. I seem to have read lots of things about other problems caused by this type of farming.

ellroon said...

This has happened just recently with spinach, so I'm hoping this gets addressed. I wonder if irradiation would kill it, or is it in the plant itself? I think Europe irradiates some of its food during the processing.

Bryan said...

The easy solution is to allow the cattle to go on silage or grass, which produces the stomach acid that kills that variant of E. coli. It only exists because of the lack of fiber in the animals' diet.

This has been known about for years, but no one does anything about it. Grain-fed beef can kill you.

ellroon said...

Ol' MacDonald had a toxic eye eee eye oooooohhhh. Damn, the more I learn, the worse it gets.