Friday, September 25, 2009

You realize how difficult it's going to be

To glue tiny feathers to all those plastic T-Rexs?



Mike Goldman said...

Yeah, and they were probably warm blooded too. :)

Steve Bates said...

Cool. But... is anybody really surprised about the feathers? I know I am not.

The answer to the creationists' perpetual whine, "but... what good is part of a wing, or a few feathers?" has been known for a couple of decades at least: namely, a feather is a great radiator, whether or not it can be adapted for flight. Every critter needs some way of regulating its body temperature.

I can't wait to read the nut-jobs' reactions to this. :-)

Mike Goldman said...

Well, evolution is a conscious process anyhow, as far as I'm concerned. We select for the genes we want to pass on, and it is not a random event.