Thursday, September 10, 2009

You definitely don't want to piss this guy off

Consider Joe Wilson's breaking of wind during the President's address to Congress another case of sphincter confusion. Think Glenn Beck, a proctologist's nightmare. Where to put the tube? Where to put the tube?

On a more serious note, Wilson's insistence on the reality of his fact free delusion is indicative of the Republican cast of mind. Hatred for Obama and anything connected to him has become an article of faith. Their rage stems from fear, fear of being disenfranchised, of [] their dream of an all white overweight America roaring about in HUMMERS with AK47's in their gun racks, a vestigial nightmare from the piney woods of Mississippi. They're afraid their country is being taken over by pointy-headed intellectuals who read books and do not share in Cain’s defense about not being “my brother’s keeper.” Sadly, their dream is a uniquely American nightmare, but it is at odds with the Christianity they so ardently profess but rarely practice, and it is at odds with the dreams of the founding fathers, as far away from the thoughtful discourse that made our country possible as Joe Wilson's belch of rage is from considered debate.

David Sundstrand

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