Thursday, September 17, 2009

Truer words have never been bespeaked!

Remember the creationism/ intelligent design debacle: the Kitmiller v. Dover Area School Board court case? Just finished Charles Pierce's Idiot America and he mentioned the utterly quote of a local pastor, Ray Mummert:
We've been attacked,"Mummert said,"by the intelligent, educated segment of our culture."
Exactly. Duly noted.


Steve Bates said...

... except that they haven't been "attacked" by anyone. The most annoying thing about the religious right is its self-styled victimhood. I can only assume it's a fundraising ploy or a gimmick to win political battles without winning political debates.

Right now I am reading Jimmy Carter's book, Our Endangered Values (2005... hey, before a book hits my bedside shelf, it has to hit the remainder shelves). For an unmitigatedly conservative Christian, a Southern Baptist who is as far as I can tell a biblical literalist, he makes an exceptionally passionate argument for religious freedom untouched by government. He and I come to similar conclusions about religious liberties by very different paths, but that's the only way it works in a religiously pluralistic society... it's that way, or no way at all. I'm starting to worry about the latter, and self-styled victimhood seems to be a tool increasingly employed by the religious right to win battles to the detriment of our religious freedom.

ellroon said...

But if the rabid religious wingnuts take over, wouldn't you like to see the fight after the sudden dawning realization that only one religion can be on top?

At a safe distance, of course.

Say... Canada. Or Norway.