Thursday, September 10, 2009

This hat gives you the right to shoot people!


Now you can stand on the front lines of America's battle with illegal immigrants by wearing the U.S. Border Patrol Cap.

America's U.S. Border Patrol is the thin green line of men and women who protect America's borders. They struggle to do their job with fewer resources than any similar service in the world. They guard the 6,000 miles of our border with one-tenth as many people as are in the New York City police department.

They stand alone. More than 1,000 have been killed or wounded protecting America.

Now you can stand with them by wearing the U.S. Border Patrol Cap . . . and send a message to your friends and neighbors that you too believe America should have safe and secure borders.

Wear the Cap everywhere . . . and drive those who want open borders crazy!

Buy one now!! Them there hippie liburls hates these here hats! And you can shoot them illeguls as they pour over the border!

Buy 12! One for each of your family members and your dog!


Mike Goldman said...

Can't we just get them hats that say, "I hate wetbacks"?

ellroon said...

How about "I'm a moron and need someone to blame"?