Friday, October 03, 2008

Apparently we will ignore you if you start wars,

Destroy the Constitution, remove Habeas Corpus, threaten allies, ignore diplomacy, ruin the environment, poison the judicial system, mock global warming....

But if you fuck with our wallets, we will take notice.

Yes, we ARE FINALLY PAYING ATTENTION, THANK GOD. Who cares if Palin was pretty and pretty coherent? The fact that she's memorized the Republican talking points does not mean she actually has an understanding of the subject matter. We had eight years of such a person and people are finally taking a good look at where we've ended up.

There's not a single thing that the Bush administration has dealt with that isn't gutted, smoking, and lying helplessly on its side. McCain/Palin will guarantee us four more years of George W. Bush.


DaveStuff said...

Yep Palin looks good.. I dug those red shoes... But I just can't go with more bush... Great post... Indeed those guys (Dick Chaney) START WARS!

I just posted a link to this post on one of my blogs... Ya dig?

ellroon said...

Thanks, Davestuff. Appreciate the comment and the linkage.