Monday, October 13, 2008

More like hanging your head over the cliff edge

And seeing which way up the bus lands:

Nate Silver at notes that Matt Drudge is hyping the smallest of poll upticks for John McCain and suggests Drudge is "priming a McCain reboot narrative":

Something is a little bit funny when Matt Drudge is treating 1-2 point gains for McCain in the Rasmussen and Zogby tracking polls as "BREAKING" news. Naturally, Drudge ignores other results like the just-released ABC/WaPo poll that show Obama continuing to gain ground.

Drudge has a nose for news, and he knows that a one-point gain in a tracking poll is not news -- unless someone desperately wants it to be.

Drudge's headline, under a picture of a smiling McCain, is "READY FOR COME BACK?" That headline links to a Politico article by Mike Allen headlined "Struggling McCain debuts comeback speech."


Ali said...

Love the bus!

McCain is coming back, sure.

Actually, it's such a big blow out that I'm starting to worry people will stay home.

Always something to worry about. :)

ellroon said...

Ack! Don't say that! You just added to my list of worries!