Friday, October 10, 2008

Don't panic! Don't panic!


When it comes to the current financial crisis, it's become pretty clear that an appearance by President Bush doesn't calm nerves. It rubs them raw.

With global markets in a state of panic, with the world talking about the end of American capitalism, with ordinary citizens watching in despair as their savings vanish, we could all use some reassurance.

Had the president this morning announced something new, specific and verifiable, it might have helped. Most economists are persuaded that the semi-nationalization of American banks through direct infusions of capital is our best bet at this point. And the administration is reportedly working on a plan to do just that.

But today all Bush gave us was limp cheerleading, vaguely assuring us he's doing everything possible.

He's vague because he no longer gives a shit. He's quit long ago doin' the preznit thing because it was just too much hard work. He's gonna hand the steaming pile of rubble over to the next guy and head off to Paraguay...


Anonymous said...

He can run but he cannot hide.

ellroon said...

Yeah, but he can spend the rest of his days in a pleasant alcoholic stupor and will never be made to acknowledge what he has done to the world....

I hope dreams of war crimes tribunals haunt him forever.