Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Martin Sheen for president


Bryan said...

I'm sure that the Shrubbery added the ability to pardon turkeys to the powers of the Executive, as he had a lot of turkeys who needed it.

Happy Thanksgiving, Ellroon.

Steve Bates said...

CAPTCHA text: "chednemn" ... like "condemn" only spelled by a turkey?

Hope yours was a good one, ellroon!

ellroon said...

Thanks guys. I am stuffed... let me rephrase that. I'm really really full and am grateful that I have my family close by, that we are healthy, have employment, have a roof over our heads and food (lots of food) to eat.

I am grateful that Occupy Wall Street has finally broken the weird miasma we were in and galvanized the country. We are waking up.