Monday, April 13, 2009

Why can't the corporations

Who own the ships that sail in the seas near Somalia hire a bunch of armed guards who shoot pirates instead of paying the inevitable millions in ransom? Make a world wide agreement that NO RANSOMS should ever be paid. It should be made clear piracy is not a lucrative business and often ends in death.

While we're at it, how about the world community getting involved and helping Somalia? The stealing of their national resources and the dumping of toxic wastes near their coastlines needs to be stopped, addressed and restitution should be made.

Shooting pirates fixes only those particular pirates. Fix the nation, fix the source of the pirate problem.

Update: John Bolton wants to invade Somalia. Let's send him in first.... by himself.... armed to the teeth.... and warn people he's coming.


Bryan said...

Understand that I am not defending this, only reporting it second hand:

Apparently the insurance companies are conflicted about the armed approach. OTOH it should prevent some attacks, but it might mean the pirates would shoot first, something they haven't done yet.

Another person says that captains are not supporters of arming crews, because some of the people who are on the crews of freighters are not exactly Boy Scouts and may not be able to legally be around guns in many ports.

Many governments are leery of having armed crews come into their ports.

I would suggest putting a platoon of Marines [from any country] on ships passing through these waters.

ellroon said...

My husband was wondering why they don't do convoys as shown in WWII...

Your idea sounds like a good one, Bryan. Let's see if they do it, because there are hostages being held right now who might not escape with their lives. They've got to do something.