Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blog sprinkles


The manners and etiquette of President Barack Obama. (The pictures are charming.)

And Obama's talent for nuance.

Yoo who, exactly? Mapaghimagsik shows us. And one woman who saw what SERE torture training did to her boyfriend.

I knew it! Limbaugh is a space alien! Mysterious blob found near dawn of time.

Conficker worm is still lurking:
The Conficker worm's creators are evidently toying with ways to put the pervasive computer virus to work firing off spam or spreading rogue anti-virus applications called "scareware."
More on the plastic continents we are creating in the Pacific Ocean:
There are now 46,000 pieces of plastic per square kilometre of the world's oceans, killing a million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals each year. Worse still, there seems to be nothing we can do to clean it up.
Blue Girl from They Gave Us A Republic warns us what might be next:
I can only assume that a significant story about wildlife is barreling down the pike Look at it this way...First the republicans mocked volcano monitoring, and then Mt. Redoubt rumbled to life. Then they slashed flu pandemic preparedness from the budget and the swine flu made a comeback. That the republicans have decided to mock wildlife spending this week does not bode well for the cranes and snow leopards and other endangered species next week.
Ways to survive a pandemic? Wash your hands, don't hang out in crowds.

Fox works hard on spreading fear!! and panic!!:

Swine flu: what did you expect?

Hawaiian spider insists on being friendly:


I don't care how much it smiles, I'm still getting the fly swatter!

Homeless hobbits.

War crimes will be prosecuted, war criminals will be punished and it will be no defense to say, “I was just following orders.”
Alrighty then!!

But... the Bush administration thought that torture was a really good idea!


Steve Bates said...

Re: homeless hobbits... they are only a problem if you insist on retaining the heresy that evolution is somehow a progressive process, that the changes are always from smaller, less complex animals to larger, more complex beasts like us. Evolution is always entirely context-sensitive. Land-based critters have evolved to go back into the sea. Larger critters have evolved into smaller critters. (Indeed, today's birds may be little dinosaurs.) Ditch that popular but erroneous assumption, and many things become much easier to interpret. And the question "where do the newly discovered hobbits fit in" is no longer frustrated by the assumption that H. sapiens is somehow the pinnacle to which everything else must lead. We simply ain't the high point of all creation!

ellroon said...

What! We aren't the high point?

/waits for bolt of lightning to zot Steve on the head...

Well said. It's hard to accept that we are just a process and not the culmination of events.

/waits for bolt...

You've pissed off a lot of Christianists with that statement though.


Steve Bates said...

ellroon, I piss off a lot of Christianists just by existing...