Tuesday, April 28, 2009

All they have left

Is their old shtick of pointing a finger and mocking Gore.

And it is now stale and boring and flat and flaccid and unprofitable. And they have no clue we are no longer laughing with it but at them: (my bold)
Associated Press reporter Laurie Kellman, on Al Gore's appearance before a House committee considering global warming legislation:

"I have read all 648 pages of this bill," Gore bragged, a boast that would surprise no one who caught his teacher's-pet performance in the 2000 presidential race. "It took me two transcontinental flights on United Airlines to finish it."

The schoolhouse metaphor is appropriate, if not for the reason Kellman thinks. There are perhaps only two groups of people who view knowledge as a flaw, and ignorance as an asset: Seventh-graders, and the Washington press corps.

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