Saturday, September 27, 2008

Why wouldn't you want your running mate to talk about you after the debate?

Joe Biden was having a blast. Where was Sarah Palin?
As The New Republic's Michael Crowley noted during the post-debate coverage, Palin's absence looked particularly awkward given the fact that Joe Biden was appearing all over the place:

Amusing moment on CNN just now. Wolf Blitzer, coming out of a commercial:

"We've been getting some emails from views out there wondering why we spent some time interviewing Joe Biden, the Democratic vice presidential nominee and not Sarah Palin, the Republican vice presidential nominee. We would have loved to interview--we'd still love to interview Sarah Palin. Unfortunately we asked, we didn't get that interview...We're hoping that Sarah Palin will join us at some point down the road."

I'm told that Biden appeared on every major network tonight except ABC (which only turned him down because Palin wasn't available, on an equal-time sort of basis).

It's pretty strange when a candidate can't trust his own running mate to be out there spinning on his behalf.
Can you imagine Caribou Barbie having to become president? Really ... PRESIDENT? She's George Bush in a dress, a lot better looking, but even more extreme. She's vindictive, a religious zealot, insists on total loyalty, believes in censorship, lies to the press with ease, and is being trained by Rove and his minions as we speak. Talk about being not only Bush's third term but Bush's third term on steroids!

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