Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This economic meltdown teaches us why you shouldn't vote into government

Those who profess to hate it. Their incompetence is deliberate, deregulation is their mantra. We now see where lack of oversight and destruction of checks and balances will lead. To total ruin.



roschelle said...

I would suggest that none of us watch the load of crap Bush plans to lay on the world and our nation tonight. I'd rather watch "The Flava of Love". It's more real than anything that ever spewed from Bush's mouth. And now McCain wants to "suspend" his campaign! McCain is such a panderer. He's like a little puppet with those stiff robotic arms...bending and swaying to whatever he thinks will gain him points in the polls. McCain couldn't possibly have any clue as to how we're going to get our country out of this financial quagmire. His top economic advisor landed with her own golden parachute! Now, he wants the American people to think the campaign is second and country is first....PLEAZZZEEEE

ellroon said...

McCain has flipflopped more than any politician I know. They're keeping track and he's up to 76. He truly does say whatever he thinks the listener wants to hear.

He is the KING of pandering.

ellroon said...

And NICE blog, btw, roschelle!