Thursday, September 11, 2008

Don't mock the Constitution!

Ari Melber of the Washington Independent:
Obama is one of the 13 senators to co-sponsor the Restoring the Constitution Act, a bill to restore the rule of law and roll back major parts of the Military Commissions Act, which the Supreme Court recently found unconstitutional. The 5-4 decision was praised by Obama, while Sen. John McCain derided it as one of the “worst” judgments in history.

Watching both parties’ conventions, you wouldn’t know the rule of law has been seriously undermined by the Bush administration, or that torture, rendition, domestic warrantless surveillance and other crimes have become common tools of U.S. policy under a corrupted Justice Dept.

It was heartening, if only for a few moments, to watch a citizen raise those issues, and for a presidential candidate to respond with principle and passion for restoring the constitutional order.

And Ari offers this YouTube:


Anonymous said...

That's what this election is about. Whether we will have a constitution.

ellroon said...

Actually it's whether or not we can get BACK our Constitution. It's in unrecognizable shreds at the moment.