Monday, September 29, 2008

Check the ingredients label before you buy

But realize that you cannot always tell if the company has used Chinese products to make their food item:
JAKARTA (Reuters) - Indonesia's health ministry said melamine had been detected in 12 food items from China, including cookies, candies and drinks, as the fall-out from China's tainted-milk scandal spread to Southeast Asia's biggest economy.

Indonesia's Food and Drug Monitoring Agency found that 12 out of 19 Chinese milk products on sale in the country tested positive for melamine, the health ministry said in a statement posted on its website (http:/

The government has temporarily banned imports of dairy products in China, and the Food and Drug Monitoring Agency ordered all regional offices to pull Chinese dairy products off shop shelves for investigation as more details of China's tainted food scandal emerged.
How many times in the past several years have products of all kinds been pulled from shelves because of horrible toxic chemicals or poisons?

China apparently has NO LEARNING CURVE on this. They've been caught, apologized, promised not to do it again, and have promptly turned around and done it again. How many people do they have to kill before companies realize China will dump anything (and I mean anything) into their products?

It would be nice to be able to stop buying anything that comes from China but I realize it's impossible.

But wherever possible, if it says China on the label, I will not buy it.

Update: Check where your Cadbury chocolate was made.

Update: List of foods from China that were found contaminated.

Update 9/30: Sign the petition to strengthen the FDA.


Anonymous said...

This is so scary. As someone who goes shopping at Ranch 99 and other chinese supermarkets in the bay area for food, I am no longer going to buy any canned items or packaged items from China for the time being.

I am also keeping a list of tainted food from China.

Steve Bates said...

A couple of years ago in the first great melamine scare, I tossed out several cans of Chinese vegetables imported from China. Last week, after Hurricane Ike, I treated myself... you have no idea how rare this is... to a couple of Cadbury Royal Dark bars. I'm not dead yet, but I'll certainly tell Stella, because she, unlike me, eats Cadbury products all the time.

ellroon said...

We buy the Koala cookies and they're on the list. My daughter ate a box last week.


ellroon said...

And thanks for the link, Anon.