Tuesday, February 05, 2008

To celebrate Super Tuesday

And for those who are voting today:
Compiled by Nancy Tobi of Election Defense Alliance; this video shows testimony to the NH legislature on what it costs to purchase access, by security expert Harri Hursti, and rebuttals by John Silvestro of LHS Associates, the firm that programs memory cards for all of New England.


Steve Bates said...

Sigh. Couldn't they have found someone competent to make a video with higher production values? and the mix... the already annoying music, with its excess of percussion, is frequently allowed to override the beginnings... nay, even the main part... of people's speech.

I am a great fan of BlackBoxVoting, and have quoted them often over the years. And the supposed content of this video is fascinating to me. But I cannot understand a lot of the details shown because of the @#$%^ faulty mixing of ill-chosen music. Let this be an example... a bad example... to others committed to democracy, when they make a video.

Nancy Tobi said...

sheesh. sorry about the music - when compiling the vid it did not sound so loud. we are all volunteers. no need to be harsh.

unfortunately, youtube doesn't allow you to replace files, so if we changed the vid up there all the links to it would be broken.

there is another version with softer music on the handsonelections youtube site:



Nancy Tobi

Steve Bates said...

Apologies, Nancy. It was late and I was tired; moreover, I have always had difficulty understanding speech through any kind of interfering sound. I understand about using volunteers to do all the work; been there, done that with several org's. I believe I managed to get most of the content after about four times through the video. Your work is very important to me and to all Americans, if only they knew it... if it weren't, I wouldn't have complained. Again, sorry I was so abrupt.

ellroon said...

Maybe the sound of bombs dropping and screams in the background would get the attention of those who are indifferent to this year's election or the real possibility that we could have our votes stolen again...

Either way, thanks for the video, Nancy Tobi, and you are gracious even in apologies, Steve!