Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thor's day

How not to critique comics.

Bees and pesticides do not mix.

The problem with The Onion is that it is always too close to the truth;  take this one on Romney.  And now Romney has exposed what he really thinks and has pissed off the 47%....

West Wing. How we wish politics would be and how politicians would act ... as if they had our best interests at heart.  So here's an ad with the actors playing themselves, acting as we would have real politicians act, standing up for the good guys:

Speaking of good guys... you always need a bad guy for balance.  Darth Karl Rove.

Yum yum.  Monsanto's genetically modified corn causes tumors in rats.

Arctic thaw perhaps sped up by oil and shipping?

Facebook messages are protected speech.


Steve Bates said...

Re: Facebook messages... one commenter, apparently a lawyer, just ranted on about slander and libel. I answered her as follows. Will WSJ allow my comment? who knows!
Diana P., you have just rewritten the First Amendment speech protections in this case by appending the phrase "... as long as the school has access to, and approves, the speech." That clause would effectively eviscerate the First Amendment in cases involving students. Uh-uh... students have rights. Students are allowed to hold and express their wrongheaded opinions, as surely as you are.

ellroon said...

But .. but they're students and must be taught to follow the tenets we teach them and not to think for themselves....