Sunday, June 03, 2012

Sunday, Sunday...

Martin Bashir calls out the GOP.

Bryan of Why Now? deals with the Florida voting rumpus.

Ladies do not need to talk about lady problems.  Let men do it for you.

Paul Krugman, European rock star.

Catholic hospital says no meds to HIV man.  Steve Bates predicted this asinine move.

Via Marcellina of the Practice Room, Das Rad (with English subtitles):


Marcellina said...

Thanks for posting the video! It is an old favorite of mine, and I think everybody ought to watch it. :-)

Steve Bates said...

Trinitas Regional should have its license yanked until some mechanism external to the Catholic Church and not dependent on individual Catholics is in place to supervise treatment of patients liable to be thought of as "going against God's will." And the specific doctor who risked the patient's life and future treatment by denying the patient his HIV medicine should be barred for life from practicing medicine. God damn her, it wasn't her decision to make.

(Google's CAPTCHA team really does hate old people, don't they?)

ellroon said...

I enjoy your blog, Marcellina. Thanks for taking all those hikes all over Austria!

There are more and more of these 'religious deciders' who want us to feel God's love.. or wrath, depending. I think they should feel our wrath..

Like giving them a life sentence at a computer making up CAPTCHAs....