Monday, April 05, 2010

Boycott Valero and Tesoro gas stations

In 2006, California passed The Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32), making our state number one in the world in legislating real reductions in the greenhouse gases that cause global warming.

Now Valero Energy -- a Texas-based oil company -- has already spent half a million dollars to fund a deceptive initiative that would destroy AB 32, California's landmark clean energy and air pollution law.

Together Valero and another Texas-based oil company, Tesoro, are projected to spend millions of dollars to gather signatures for a November ballot initiative that would kill AB 32 and new clean energy development.

Don't let Texas oil barons mess with California's climate change law!

Every dollar spent at a Valero or Tesoro gas stations is another dollar Texas oil barons can use to buy this election.
Sign the pledge.


Steve Bates said...

As I've said to many Californians over the years, having ballot initiative in a constitution is its own punishment. This isn't the <strike>first</strike> hundredth time, is it?

Steve Bates said...

FTR, Texan though I am, I vehemently disapprove of what Valero is doing. I just regret that California law makes it so easy. Direct citizen legislation has always been a terrible idea.

ellroon said...

Because of our ballot initiatives, we have created a huge budget tangle with demands and counter demands that cannot ever be achieved. If I even TRY to read the clipboard petition, my head hurts because they are so badly written.

I don't sign them unless I've done the research, but even so they will show up on the ballot because so many Californians are disgusted with the huge budget tangle with the demands and counter demands....

ellroon said...

If it isn't Valero, it's Enron or Madoff. California is just ripe for picking.