Sunday, October 27, 2013

From Cats to Jellyfish to Chickens

Friday cat blogging on Sunday.

A wonderful perspective on religion and God from a religious man.

Sexy avatars in games affect players in the real world.

I may not want to eat anything ever again.... besides... we're all gonna die anyway.

Invasion by jellyfish the world over... could it possibly be because the oceans are warming?  If not death by jellyfish, how about being choked to death by weeds?

Can you spell hypocrite?

A sensible horror film.

Elizabeth Smart is just that.  Googling women and a verb.

Republicans went crazy in stages.  Tea party logic.  Lies told in Texan charter schools.

Changing oceans.

How historically correct is 12 Years a Slave?

One way to deal with the homeless.

Infected chickens sold by Foster Farms were not recalled.


Steve Bates said...

“We’re in the post-antibiotic era,”

Yes. I lost my foot because no antibiotic treatment... and we tried a lot, including some combinations... was effective against an infection. The danger of sepsis was genuinely life-threatening, so my doc advised me to have it amputated. The rest (as well as the foot) is history.

Steve Bates said...

"Project Homeless Connect"

Another thing is frustrating: because the homeless have no residence address, in general, they cannot vote. Some who have relatives nearby can register at the relatives' address, but some places go to great lengths to make that illegal. Most of us, faced with a common external problem affecting our lives adversely, probably would attempt to elect someone to city office who might mitigate the adverse effects. Not homeless people... they're not welcome in the voting booth.

ellroon said...

I knew you endured quite a lot of difficulties before you gave your foot the boot but I didn't know it was because of the lack of antibiotics. Very scary.

And yes, who wants the homeless to vote? They'd want jobs and stuff.

Steve Bates said...

John Shelby Spong is quite amazing.

Stella used to attend the Unity Church of Christianity... one of Houston's local weirdo churches, but it has an excellent bookstore... and one day, tagging along with her, I ran across Spong's Jesus for the Non-Religious, remaindered and on sale. It was a genuinely good read, even for a UU/borderline atheist like me.

In his summary of historical facts known about Jesus (as opposed to the mythology in the Bible), Spong offers the very real possibility that the man named Jesus around whom all these myths emerged never existed in real life. How a man of self-professed devout faith could admit that is beyond me; it's almost an admission that religious faith is irrational. But he's a fascinating man and an excellent writer and speaker.

ellroon said...

What hit me in college was reading Gilgamesh and other myths similar to the New Testament's story of Jesus, showing that Jesus' life reflected many more ancient tales and religions than we know (like the pagan Easter etc etc).

I'm grateful to Spong being unafraid to look deep and question the very foundation of his faith.