Thursday, October 31, 2013

You're either fer us or again us...


Wonderful little known part of the ACA.

Teaching children how to enjoy vegetables.


By tilting the playing field in favor of industry... and against the environment and people's overall health.

By enchanting people with blunt talk... and disguising the fact that the Koch brothers LOVE Governor Christie. (transcript found here.)

By ignoring all the things in your 21st century house that will mess with your hormones and health.

By believing Obamacare will kill you, abort your babies, prevent your children learning about creationism, and all the things the evil Kenyan illegal president has done in his life and in his two terms. (How do you reason with people who accept these as fact?)

By believing corporations who lie to you to bend democracy for their benefit.

By not caring that our oceans are broken.

And then there are those who explain both sides extremely well.


Steve Bates said...

Re: Moyers and the fundamental human differences between conservatives and liberals, you might find a book, Conservatives without Compassion by John Dean (yes, THAT John Dean), interesting. His conclusions are similar to Moyers's. The book is long and repetitive, I'll warn you...

ellroon said...

I am really intrigued with the concepts Moyers and Jonathan Haidt discussed. It helps me not vilify the Republicans so much and understand their thinking just a bit better.

But I do remember when Bush started beating the drums of war and all the shouting and name-calling of liberals began by conservatives. I was stunned that we had such a war hungry group in the US. It took me several years of reaching out, trying to explain, trying to understand, looking for facts to change the discussion before I gave up. I began looking for people of my own kind.

What worries me is Haidt's statement about 'the tipping point' where the sides become too divided and then all hell can break loose. That's the scary part.

Steve Bates said...

ellroon, I think I've understood that since at least the beginning of the Bush Junior administration. I remember standing around the circle at Houston's Mecom Fountain (Main St. at Montrose, across from MFAH) with other members of Amnesty International, holding banners urging Americans not to go to war in Iraq (I made a sign that said "America Headed for Iraq and Ruin") and an obviously well-off male jogger passing us, shouting "Shame! Shame! Shame! ... as he ran. There really is damned little common ground between liberals and conservatives, and if America's survival depends on developing that nearly nonexistent common ground, then I despair of America's survival.