Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The earth is getting fracked to death and other excitements...

Killing whales in search of oil.

Voices in a train station singing an old Icelandic hymn.

"Saving" our schools.

Getting up off the floor.

Hobbit number 2!

How watching Breaking Bad helped a woman dump an abusive boyfriend.  

Josh Marshall discusses Ted Cruz.

The difference between Republicans and Democrats described by one day in October.

Radioactive wastewater from fracking found in Pennsylvanian stream.


Steve Bates said...

Getting up off the floor.

I have been trapped on the floor three times in the past few years.

Once, I fell and had to call Stella at work to come home at lunch to help me up (thank goodness for cell phones!).

Another time I managed to crawl to a chair and pull myself up (gawd, my arms ached afterward!).

And then there was the time that I had to crawl to and open a folding chair (with its lower seat), climb onto it, and finally transfer sideways into a wheelchair.

I am slightly more mobile these days. Most of the time I can go from room to room with only a cane or walker. But I am very, very careful never to allow myself to become stranded on the floor.

ellroon said...

I've had a few of my older relations get stuck on the floor... interesting to learn what the term 'dead weight' means.

But now it's my term to struggle to get out of the sofa or off the floor...