Sunday, October 06, 2013

Simply Sunday

Eden and Adam and Eve are apparently scientific enough to be in science textbooks.... in Texas.

Supervolcano ... on Mars.

Oldest alcoholic drinks on earth.

Killer hornets in China.

Senator Elizabeth Warren on the GOP shutdown.

Rep. Joe Barton thinks wind is a finite resource:
Barton has used the threat of global warming to combat something he hates even more: wind energy. In a 2009 hearing, Barton implied that wind is a "finite resource" and that harnessing it would "slow the winds down" which would "cause the temperature to go up."


Steve Bates said...

It is well and good to mock Texas textbooks, and perhaps they don't affect you or your school district directly in California. But Texas is, IIRC, the largest aggregate purchaser of textbooks in every subject of any state in the nation. And most publishers can't afford to publish versions for Texas and separately for, say, Vermont. If the nutjobs on the Texas SBOE and textbook committee vote crazy specifications like the one in your example, those books will be published... and not in all cases are alternatives available to purchasers from small-to-medium-population states.

IOW, what may appear at first to be a local problem in Texas, understandably provoking amusement, is actually a nationwide problem. The only way to beat these bastards is to accumulate enough smaller states, in aggregate, to constitute a textbook-buying bloc larger than Texas. And that ain't easy!

Of course, I suppose you could confront our SBOE with a 2nd Amendment solution...

Steve Bates said...

Wind energy is limitless. Congress itself is proof of that...

ellroon said...

I know that Texas textbooks go all over the nation, that's why it scares me.

And over the hand dryer blower thing in the public bathroom someone had written,"And now a statement from our mayor..."