Monday, October 14, 2013

Pot luck

Delicious forgotten words... we need to start using them now!

The mystery of Skeleton Lake in India.

The graph that shows what the US owes to everybody.

SEE!!  I told you raccoons were clever!

Eating at home v eating out.

Thank god my family and I live in California.

Anna Holmes and Jezebel.

Nate Silver's predictions for the Republicans.  Waving the Confederate flag at the most inappropriate time.

How Christopher McCandless (Into the Wild) probably died.

Could Boehner be playing to win?

Malala asks Obama to end drone strikes.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson critiques the film Gravity.  And we've been SuperNova'ed!

Finally!  Another planet we could call home, just in time, too!  We've really wrecked up this one!


Steve Bates said...

"Another planet..."

I've said it before online, possibly in your comment threads: please read John Gribbin's The Reason Why. It has two main themes (IMHO): one, the requirements for human life on Earth are many and strict; small deviations in those conditions mean no human life, and two, the aspects of Earth's history that led to its fulfilling those strict requirements are numerous, peculiar among planets and planetary systems, and quite likely do not occur elsewhere in the Milky Way galaxy. Believe it or not as you choose; Gribbin has pretty well convinced me that there are no other planets in the galaxy bearing intelligent life.

ellroon said...

I hear you... and it's a sad joke I'm making. We are an amazing accident and will fit no where else in the universe.... but one can dream.