Friday, April 22, 2011


Booman reports:
So far, there have been 916 bills introduced that aim in some way or another to make life more difficult for women. And 120 of those bills have been approved by at least one chamber (whether the Senate, Assembly, House of Delegates, or whatever).


Steve Bates said...

Wow. And there's no easy answer to it, because the problem spans so many state legislatures. I suppose if Democrats were in charge in Washington... heh, how likely is THAT ever to happen... they could do some things on the federal level to occlude these state laws. But any way you slice it, America must truly be full of nut-cases in these troubled times.

Thanks for introducing me to Booman Tribune. I just added it to my blogroll.

ellroon said...

When in doubt, pretend to do something! Attacking women is always a winner....

(And BooMan is great. Glad you like it!)