Thursday, April 14, 2011

In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.


Keeping track on Peter Jackson's facebook.


Steve Bates said...

Amazingly, on LOTR, I am completely caught up... I've seen 'em all (that have been made to date), bought 'em all, maybe even have the T-shirt. OK, not really the T-shirt, but I do have the trilogy. And I'm really looking forward to The Hobbit.

That's a great deal better than I've managed on the Harry Potter series, of which I've seen only the first two movies. Yes, I've read all the books and some of the miscellany like the history of Quidditch. But I have a lot of movies to rent/borrow and sit through!

ellroon said...

The Harry Potter series came out right at the time my daughter was ready for it, so we have the British publications (the first few were actually different than the US releases), the American versions, the audio books, and the I'm not obsessive, why do you ask?

I grew up with The Hobbit and LOTR. My mother LOVED the series and would reread the novels every few years or so. I tried, but didn't read them carefully (quick, gotta save Bilbo and Frodo!) until after the movies. The fatal error they did for the audio books of LOTR was to have the reader SING the long song poems. Oh god... Absolutely hilarious and distracting. Reading the damned poems would have been best.

Anyway... my mother passed away 20 years ago, but I know she would have loved Jackson's vision of the Hobbit adventures. Although I'm sure she would have quibbled with his editing choices...

Steve Bates said...

"My mother LOVED the series and would reread the novels every few years or so."

I did that as well. In my 20s and 30s, I read the whole set four times. I literally wore out my paperbound set; pages are falling out and covers are falling off.

About the same time as the last Harry Potter novel came out, I went to the local used book store and dug out a beautiful boxed three-volume set of the Tolkien trilogy, and an even more beautiful leather-bound gilt-edged boxed Hobbit in a different edition. Those will be the volumes from which I read LOTR for the last time, if I live long enough to do that. And if I live that long, perhaps I'll see the Hobbit movie as well.

Yes, I did complete my Harry Potter collection at the same time. That may be known as the Best. Used. Book. Store. Run. Ever!

ellroon said...

I fill out my book collection through garage sales. Being a college town, the selections are fantastic.

Hang on long enough to wear out your leather bound books. And I will be pissed if you decide to pop your clogs before The Hobbit is released.

So behave!

And hugs, Steve.