Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It always comes down to sex, doesn't it?

Politicians in Utah get ready to address the most threatened issue in the United States.... sex. This makes me feel so much safer....


Steve Bates said...

"It always comes down to sex, doesn't it?"

In my younger years, I spent a lot of time hoping that was true, but not in the sense the fundie GOPers mean it!

How nice that sex will be defined for us. Once that is done, everybody will know exactly what to do, when and where, and with whom. We can do exactly the same things in the same order as everyone else, every time. That should be an effective approach to population control, as participants eventually decide, individually and in pairs, "Why bother?"

ellroon said...

Lol! Somehow I think even Utahans will have sex ignoring the multitudious rules carefully set up by the church elders, professional hand wringers, pearl clutchers and the politicians.... gives the authorities job security you know..