Monday, January 18, 2010

Bush apparently SAVED our economy

Rather than gutting the Treasury for the benefit of his buddies. The rewriting of Bush's legacy is in full swing.

Steve Benen of the Washington Monthly:
But what was especially interesting was the knee-jerk partisanship of former Bush aide Karen Hughes, who responded to Halperin by saying, twice, that Obama "misread the country" by trying to enact the agenda he ran on, thereby "exacerbating" the public's "anxiety." She added:

"I have to disagree with you, Mark, about rescuing the economy, I think that happened before President Bush left office when they took the action that they did on TARP, and the banks have now repaid much of that money, but that's what stabilized the economy and prevented the collapse of the financial system."

Be on the lookout for this one -- as the economy improves and the Bush Recession ends, Republicans will try to convince people that Bush, not Obama, deserves credit for rescuing the economy. While the evidence is overwhelming that it was the stimulus that created economic growth and pulled the economy bank from the brink, Karen Hughes -- and soon, her cohorts -- would us believe that the economy had already been rescued before Obama took office.

They're truly shameless, but I can only assume this will be a major talking point fairly soon.
This feels like when the local bully and his cohorts push you down and steal your wallet... then pick you back up, dust you off, and demand to know why you can't take a joke and nothing happened, did it?

They are trying to sell the fact Bush's terms were not an unmitigated disaster, but somehow thoughtfully run. All the horrible things that happened were because of Clinton or because of Obama.

Remember Bush's legacy for what it actually was. A miserable failure.

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