Thursday, November 12, 2009

Look what high taxes on energy can do

In Denmark:

Could we possibly do it here?


xan said...

"After the first oil shock in the 1970s...."....

it is to weep. almost 40 years now, wasted, wasted. And our people are still so stupid: the gas companies can run the prices up and down by dollars a gallon and nobody bats an eye any more, but propose that the government add 5 cents in tax?? Screams of horror and outrage.

Congrats to the Danes. They will be increasingly rich as we sink deeper into poverty.


Ali said...

I bet this video would really piss Jimmy Carter off.

ellroon said...

Xan, I hear you. We've lost so much time where we could have been doing such cutting edge technology instead of guzzling oil in our bigger and bigger cars.

Now we have to (re)educate the US population why it is a good thing to conserve energy and not waste.... along with catching up with the rest of the world on alternative fuels.

And Ali, I don't know if Carter is pissed off but I sure am!