Sunday, November 01, 2009

Impeccable in every way.

A Final Verdict on the Presidential Salute

*edited to correct spelling which I'm sure I did right so obviously the gremlins did it.


Steve Bates said...

I thought the misspelling was a commentary in itself.

BTW, enjoy your vacation, heat or no heat!

ellroon said...

There is a lot of devastation in the forests by the bark beetle. Looking up the mountain sides, the dead pines are noticeable. There are cleared areas where the pines have been thinned, all the underbrush and deadfall cleared away. Apparently the beetles live in the dead trees and if you get rid of that, they don't have a base to start attacking the live pine.

I don't think I could ever buy a home in the mountains here in Southern California. Either you have drought, water rationing and fires, or you are washing down the hill in a sea of mud. Or... if all is well... then you have bozos like us visiting and clogging up the roads.

As they say, a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to try and get house insurance....