Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Holding their breath and turning blue

Do we reward tantrums?

Steve Benen of the Washington Monthly: (my bold)
In terms of messaging, though, I think Ezra has the right idea:
I could imagine a lot of smart ways to begin obstructing the chamber and making life miserable for Democrats. But declaring that you won't work after 2 p.m? Do Republicans really think the average American is going to rally to that battle cry?
If Senate Dems want to see Republicans scramble, they'd run with this one. Have the leadership hold a press conference and announce, "We're stunned that Republicans won't let the Senate function after 2 p.m. American workers don't the option to just stop working at 2 because he or she feels like it, and there's no reason their Republican senators should just call it a day after lunch. Republicans have gone from the party that only says "no" to the party that's too lazy to say anything at all."
Look, Democrats. We're helping you here. Expose this tantrum for the idiotic behavior it is.

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