Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blog sprinkles


Sailor at SteveAudio tracks the Media's weird tilt to the right.

Biden at the top of his game:

What you can do with a bunch of kids.

I thought Bryan had found the worst webcam ever with the cheese webcam, but these might actually be the most boring webcams EVER.

Teachers having to think about murderers and killers as they practice lockdowns.

Skinheads sentenced to work in Holocaust museum. Good idea, hope it works.

So we finally passed a health care bill... NEXT.

And just so you know:
The following Democrats voted against the House's effort to pass the Senate health care bill: Adler, Altmire, Arcuri, Barrow, Berry, Boren, Boucher, Bright, Chandler, Childers, A.Davis, L.Davis, C.Edwards, Herseth Sandlin, Holden, Kissell, Kratovil, Lipinski, Lynch, Marshall, Matheson, McIntyre, McMahon, Melancon, Minnick, Nye, Peterson, Ross, Shuler, Skelton, Space, Tanner, Taylor, Teague

Help vote Stupak out of office. (Btw, Stupak backwards is kaputs....) And oh, my... they are turning on him already. Update 3/23: REALLY turning on him!

What ever has happened to Riverbend of Baghdad Burning? Does anyone know?


jj said...


Public option. Yes you can!

ellroon said...

It never ends, does it? Try to fix one thing and eighteen more things need to be fixed...

We're not there yet, but boy did we need this win. Now we have a foot in the door, we can start getting the REAL legislation passed....

Yes... *wheeze* ...we...*gasp*... can...

jj said...

It's huge. All health care legislation is a work in progress... ours is still ongoing, after 50 years. A little change here, a tweak there... etc.

Believe it or not, when universal HC was first introduced Canadians were very resistant to it -- there were protests, doctors went on strike for a few weeks, there was lots of propaganda about how it was (shriek!) communism... I think you know the drill ;) And look at us now -- politicians are voted out of office if there's even the faintest suggestion that they might mess around with health care.

It's a process. But you'll get there. Again, congrats on taking that first momentous step.

ellroon said...

Thank you to you brave Canadians who have withstood our idiotic mockery of your commiesocialistic health care and your general good natured neighborliness.... Showing us what we all secretly wish we could be, Eh?