Monday, March 29, 2010


Sometimes earlier technology is better:
Rare Austin which stood in garage for 50 years discovered... and starts first time!
Try not to piss off your crazy armed-to-the-teeth base!:
In the Wake of Arrests in Three States, Right-Wingers Rush to Defend Terror Suspects, Criticize FBI
In one word: No. In three: PLEASE GOD, NO!:
Is America ‘Yearning For Fascism?'
Frank Rich tries to explain the fever pitch of hysteria:
The Rage Is Not About Health Care
In one word: Yes. In elventy: WTF, just do it! We're drying up and blowing away here!:
Can Wastewater Save California's Parched Farmland?
The destruction of the ocean habitats continues:
Mysterious whale die-off is largest on record
When in doubt... take off clothes:
Man cites boredom after arrest on streaking charge


Ali said...

they get arrested for streaking in TN?
The last guy - no, the third from last guy - I saw streaking here, raced across the finish line of a mountain bike event, we all cheered, etc., but it took a while for him to realize that nobody was going to chase him. He probably should've had a destination in mind, with nobody chasing him, he just kind of stood there awkwardly. ;)

ellroon said...

...The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind...

Poor guy, that is hilarious. Sort of like the nudes we got to pose for us in life drawing. The guys thought we'd be much more impressed than we were...