Monday, December 23, 2013


How you guys talk gives away where you are from....

Diplomacy is better than genocide, oddly.

Cats and engineers.

A cube.  That can stand on a point.  And jump.  And I need to beat it to death...

Pharmacies deliberately misinforming teenagers about emergency contraception.

Parenting done right.

Voices from prison.


Steve Bates said...

Dear Pharmacist: so you don't want to sell emergency contraception? That's easy, and requires only two steps:

1. Walk to the front of your store. You see the sign facing outward that says "PHARMACY"? Take it down.

2. Walk back to your office. You see that certificate on the wall, the cert that has your name on it and says something like Certified Pharmacist, State of Chaos? Take it down; tear it into small pieces.

Your problems are over! Watch your mail for my bill...

Steve Bates said...

Oh, and... Happy Holidays, whatever Bill O'Reilly may think!