Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year! With cats!

Drink in moderation


Behave yourself


Make sure you get home safely


And especially


(Cat reruns from years gone by)


Steve Bates said...

Have a happy 2014, ellroon! Spent the evening at home with my lady love and no bottle of alcohol-containing stuff, so it's been pretty quiet here.

ellroon said...


Happy New Year to you and Stella! No bottles needed where one is already in good spirits.

Bryan said...

Happy New Year, Ellroon!

The thought of being out and about with all of the gunpowder and alcohol in the air, tends to make me hunker down with the jumpy cats.

ellroon said...

How many roofs get holes punched in them from all the celebrations, I wonder... that and skulls....