Thursday, September 06, 2012

One sentence news

It gets better.

Finding a lost church.

Making friends under the sea.

Rachel Carson didn't kill millions of Africans.

Does eating today's type of wheat poison you?

Dumping the 'junk DNA' theory.

The way governments begin to topple.

Republicans can't afford to give women equal pay.

Come back!!  You have my car keys!

Do Democrats really support the privatization of public schools?

Artist of the weird.

Ohio Secretary of State on the mat to explain obstruction to voting.

Sometimes being rude is good.


Steve Bates said...

A lost medieval church under a parking lot? I suppose whoever constructed the lot suffered mental apses...

ellroon said...

You, sir, are a nave! I altar lectern you on the use of puns, yet you are a font of excellent word play.

Steve Bates said...

I love the "It Gets Better" program. ACLU is one of the participating org's. The current president is himself gay, and has a story to tell.

Steve Bates said...

Re: moms booted, etc. ...

I know some damned fine public school teachers (Democrats), and the consensus seems to be that Arne Duncan was one of the most perverse, pathological appointments Obama made. Obama really should not indulge in bipartisan adventurism at our kids' expense.

ellroon said...

So many people to keep my eye on... /putting Arne Duncan on the list

Thanks, Steve.

Steve Bates said...

Dean Baker on Arne Duncan.