Tuesday, September 04, 2012

GetBackToWork Day...

How to track a stolen laptop... and help with a drug bust.

A woman's place in the world from first to last.

Gene therapy restores the sense of smell in mice.

We won't go to war if Israel attacks Iran?

Tom Tomorrow.

Bernie Sanders.

Commieislamofascistic explanation of what socialism actually is.


Steve Bates said...

It's about damned time the US stopped playing Israel's lapdog. To this point, Joe LIEberman (Likud-CT) has gotten everything he wants. But starting a preemptive war against a country that has not attacked either the US or Israel is waaay over the line. We saw how well preemptive invasion worked in Iraq, and frankly, Iran has a much better military. Netanyahu is a first-class ass, interested only in his own political career... a sort of Israeli GeeDubya Bush. The US is right to say No to him.

(God-DAMN Google's CAPTCHA! Here goes again...)

ellroon said...

Israel has turned into the very nazi bullies they suffered under in the 30s and in WWII. Look at what they are doing to those in the Gaza strip. They have lost my sympathies and my support.